Lean Manufacturing



At Technicut Tool, we implement the 5s standard methodology to maximize spatial effectiveness. In doing so, we create an environment that promotes organization, cleanliness, and efficiency in order to actualize potential productivity. The 5s organizational system is of Japanese origin, and is deemed to be a best practice for providing structure in the manufacturing workplace. By defining incremental, identifiable steps, this methodology facilitates the constant evaluation and innovation of corporate practices in order to streamline operations while simultaneously minimizing hazards and production errors. At Technicut Tool, the 5s methodology is upheld through complete quarterly audits, conducted by an internal team of executives and appointed members. The layout of the manufacturing floor, production practices, and employee workspaces are evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:


The removal of all items not needed for current production operations.

Our employees are expected to keep workspace free of any unnecessary clutter. An orderly work environment promotes a free flow of communication, less time being wasted, and a more acute awareness of inventory and any potential production problems.

Sweep and Shine

Employee workspaces are cleaned everyday.

Our machinists know that “if your machine is running, you’re cleaning!” Our production floor is exceptionally clean and organized, creating a work environment that is bright, and enjoyable.

Set In Order

Items are arranged and categorized so that they may be efficiently and effectively retrieved and returned to their proper storage location.

At Technicut Tool, all items are labelled and audited. An automated tool dispensing machine guarantees traceability and ensures that “every item has a place, and that everything is in its place.”


A work structure is developed, integrating Sort, Set in Order, and Shine into a unified whole.

Routine 5s audits and meetings ensures that all of the 5s criteria is met. Accountability empowers and motivates our employees to be the best that they can be.


An active, on-going commitment to the 5s organizational methodology is established.

True machinists not only take pride in their work, but also their workplace environment. At Technicut Tool, we embody a culture of professionalism and strive for perfection, both in what we craft and in the workspace we craft it in.